SAMSUNG “Dream Big” featuring Luiz Gustavo

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Luiz grew up in the favelas (slums) of Brazil. Unlike most of his friends, he was able to rise above it through his love of football. But Luiz has never forgotten where he came from. Now as a pro soccer player he is returning back to his roots to play the World Cup. Sponsored by Samsung.

Featuring pro soccer player Luiz Gustavo.

Director: Ramesh Nicolas Iyer
Executive Producer: Johnny Parker
DOP: Thomas Lembcke
1st AD: Scott Metcalfe
Producer: Kyra Shelgren
Production Supervisor: Christine Bellet
Asst. Production Supervisor: Geoff Walker
Production Company: ACNE

Brand: Samsung
Client: Samsung
Agency: Evolution Bureau, San Francisco
Creative Director: Patrick Maravilla
Associate Creative Director: David Byrd
Associate Creative Director: David Satterfield
Associate Creative Director: Tyler Jenson
Account Director: Ben Smith
Project Manager: Ryan Leong